Tomorrow Never Dies

I’m a very optimistic kind of person. I always think for a better future in personal, family and nation point of view. I dream to see a prosperous Bangladesh in a near future. Since my background and career relates to ICT, i’m very much enthusiastic about the potentiality and growth prospect of this sector in Bangladesh.

The title of this article, Tomorrow Never Dies, is a popular spy film of 007 series released in December 1997 and i believe the title itself can be a very self motivation term for every person. How you live today, can be changed tomorrow, but not only the fate will take you to the dream. You have to work hard and achieve the living as you dream. Never get frustrated, as human being has a lot to achieve.

Think of the tasks you have dream about or you have planned for long ago or in recent past. You may do those today and that may change your life tomorrow. No need to go for giant examples of todays many successful brands like Google and Microsoft; think simply about the drive of Malaysia and India! They are going ahead, because individual people are taking little steps themselves, which are collectively growing up and effecting the total scenario.

So, believe in work and trust the from your heart: Tomorrow Never Dies!