SanatWarm Welcome to – Sanat’s personal website. I dream of this website since my college life in 1996 and brought this into light on 2003. I was confused about the content in the past (still now to some extent) but finally I have decided a structure for it.

Thanks for your interest time to explore this website. Just navigate the pages to know more about my life, my works and my thoughts. Just as an introduction about me, I’m Sanat Pal Chowdhury from Bangladesh. I’m currently working in Mobile Digital Services industry after completion of B.Sc. Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering.

Please feel free to provide me feedback regarding anything! I believe that will add positive changes to this website. After about a year’s gap, I’ve decided to publish some of my thoughts as blog post through this website. Soon I will start sharing my ideas and emotions on the blog and hope that will add a new era to know my thoughts and feelings of everyday life. Keep exploring!